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Printing Ink - Test Report

Test requested :

In accordance with Hong Kong Regulation Chapter 311W - Air Pollution
Control (Colatile Organic Compounds) Resulation to determine the
Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) content in ther submitted sample.

Test Results :

When tested as specified, the submitted sample was found to be within
the maximum permissible limit of Volatile Organic Compound content
requirement stated in Hong Kong Regulation Chapter 311W - Air
Pollution Control(Volatile organic Compounds) Regulation Scheule 2
(Regulated Printing Inks) - Lithographic Ink(except Heatset Ink)


Bopp Plastic Coating Sheet - Test Report

Test requested :

The requirement for RoHD Directive 2002/95/EC

Test Results:

For 26 chemcial materials were not detected in submitted sample.


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