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We make several kinds of metal pins, such as, hard enamel, imitation enamel, soft enamel, printing pins.

  1. Type: cloisonné(hard enamel), soft enamel w/o epoxy covered, imitation enamel (cold enamel)
  2. Material:copper, brass, iron, aluminum.
  3. shape: round, triangle, square, 2D, 3D,,and all kind of shapes that requested by customers.
  4. Plated: golden, silver, nickel, antique-gold, antique-silver, antique-copper, antique-bronze.
  5. Attachment: safe pin, butterfly clutch, bar brooch, tie bar, loop, charms, bolts-clips, key chain, stick pin, screw back.

Lapel Pins

Silk Screen Pins

Alloy Pins

Stamping Pins

Hard enamel

Soft enamel

Zipper head

Key Chain
*All above Designs are just for reference only, we do not have the right to produce and sell it without authorisation.

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